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OxyFit Breathing Trainer

Color : White

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  • WHY OXYFIT?Benefits Of Use
    Boosts Stamina
    The OxyFit air resistance trainer adds an extra challenge to your breathing duringworkouts. As you work against the resistance, your respiratory muscles must work harderOver time, this increases their endurance and capacity, allowing you to sustain physicalactivities for longer durations.
    Tone Your Core
    The act of breathing against resistance engages your core muscles, particularly thediaphragm and abdominal muscles. As you repeatedly use these muscles during training,you'll notice increased strength and toning in your core area, helping you achieve moredefined abs.
    Improved Lung capacity
    Training with the resistance trainer encourages deeper, more efficient breathing. Thisleads to a gradual expansion of your lung capacity, allowing you to take in more oxygenwith each breath and hold your breath for longer periods. Stretching your diaphragm andintercostal muscles allows you to decrease the residual volume and increase the amountof usable air. This, of course, is good news for athletes, as well as patients with asthma orCOPD.
    Reduced Fatigue
    By consistently training with the resistance trainer, you can optimize your breathingtechnique. This improved respiratory efficiency leads to better oxygen utilization, reducingfatigue, and ultimately boosting your stamina for extended workout sessions.
    Master Your Performance
    The air resistance trainer empowers you to take control of your breath, a fundamentalaspect of fitness and well-being. By mastering your breath, you gain mastery over yourperformance, whether in sports, workouts, or daily life challenges. Your ability to controland optimize your breath will empower you to achieve new heights in your athleticendeavors and lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.
    Helps treat asthma
    Respiratory muscle training can reduce the 3 most common symptoms of asthma: difficulty breathing, chest tightness, and wheezing/coughing. Researchers have found that it helps improve medication effects (Lista-Paz et al., ) and reduces seizures in children and adolescents
    Decreased stress Levels
    Meditative breathing patterns stimulate your Vagus nerve, allowing you to achieve betterrelaxation. From those who need to boost recovery between sports events, to those whowork in stressful environments and need to relax after long days in the office.
    Better Sleep
    Meditative breathing patterns will allow you to relax and recover during the night andmaintain a lower heart rate during exercise, so you recover faster in between efforts.
    Helps COPD
    OxyFit helps with less shortness of breath. A review of 43 studies with 640 COPD patientsconcluded that respiratory muscle training improved both inspiratory muscle strength.and exercise capacity. As a result, chronic lung patients decreased their shortness ofbreath (dyspnea) and improved their auality of life, according to the researchers.